How Are You?

Hello assalamualaikum people :)

Just a quick visit to my baby here hehe okay I was actually quite busy these past few weeks ha macam biasalah, a student life, what do you expect Ida? And gonna be moreee busy after this. Hence, I decided to just wrote few things that I really wanted to share with the people here. Just few. Heh.

How to start eh? Haha. Em you know this pandemic season really got my life a bit.. no, not my life. My emotion. Yah this pandemic season really got my emotion on a roller coaster mode. Kadang-kadang I happy not because people are dying and struggling, absolutely not for that reasons. I was happy because I got plenty of time to spend with my family. I think this is like the longest time I ever had - to be at home and actually doing nothing. I'm not even doing the part time job like I usually did on every semester breaks. I don't know why... okay lah I knew the reason is I was taking precaution from the virus and yadah yadah, and when the surrounding is getting better, I got classes and assignments to do pulak. Kan? So yah I got no time for doing that. I ended up here, on my desk doing things. 

And I somehow feeling a bit K.O for not doing the usual things I would probably do at mahallah now. Things like - going to class, making jokes with friends, going out and buy unnecessary stuffs, evening walk and talk around the campus with my girlfriends, meeting and discussion after Isyak. AND MANY MORE. I kinda miss them all! Aren't you feeling the same? Or is it just me? Is this how it feels after graduated?

It was quite stressful to be at home..... I'm sorry I have to say this. It's not that I hated home. I love every inch every corner of my house hahaha. What I'm trying to say is.. entahlah I don't know how to say what I really felt now. Oh I'm sorry I cannot express my feeling in words :(

Alhamdulillah I am stronger than I think :') Maybe because I have no other choice but to be strong. And Alhamdulillah I have so many nice people around me hihi... And with the title of this post, I'm actually asking myself. Am I really okay? Haha, of course! I'm very fine :)

saya nak senyum dengan awak panjang-panjang :D

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