Different People See Different Things.

Assalamualaikum hye there ♥
We don't meet people for nothing, there must be a reason. Chin up!

Heyyyyy I know this is a little bit embarrassing but yeah I'm already done with Semester 1 in CFS IIUM :) Wish me luck for upcoming semester this January thank you. So there is must be a reason for me to suddenly updating my blog lol yes I have a reason and the reason is YOU acewah look I'm good at making a pickupline haha no i'm just joking. Tiba-tiba tadi terfikir the only thing that i should keep is the memories so that i can share them with somebody special makanya saya harus teruskan perjuangan menulis blog ni sebab i know one day i'll start forgetting those good and bad memories one by one yup we're getting older okay haha.

I've met different types of people, dan saya pula jenis suka memerhatikan orang but don't assume me as a stalker because i'm not.

1. People that can welcome you warmly and treat you like their own sister. Like a happy family because at the same time you guys are needing each other :)

2. People that can tell you almost everything happens on that day. Just for making sure you learnt something from the story they told you. Or maybe as an advice. Tapi kadang-kadang cerita tu sendiri boleh buat kau tak selesa untuk dengar but since you want to make a great friendship with them, just listen and smile :) Lama-kelamaan you will adapt to that kind of people.

3. People that talked carelessly without even thinking about other people. They talked as if they are right in everything but then again you just smile and sometimes respond to them "Ohh ye ke?"

4. People that will treat you well even though both of you just had a conversation by a call. You never met them, you never knew how they look, you never knew what kind of people that call you but they treat you well. Don't you feel happy? I am.

5. Some people that expect everybody should know them. Hey this is not cool at all. Who do you think you're? Justin Bieber? No? Yes of course you're not him. So why do you expect some people will recognise you just by listening to your voice? How? So please when you're calling somebody for a business thingy, please introduce yourself properly :)
6. People that can make your heart warm. How? Just by looking at their sweet smiles, happy face and etc. Yup of course we shouldn't trust any strangers and suddenly smile sweetly to them, no no no. But have you ever felt warm just by looking at some people? Have you? Haha.

7. People that suddenly lend you a hand because they knew you need a help, even a small thing, they willingly help you. That's great!

8. People that always remind you about dos and donts.

9. People that always take good care of you. Always asking you "Shidah dah makan?" "Okay tak hari ni?" And sometimes they will also ask you to join them eating lunch and dinner together, that will always remember you. Thanks a lot :)

10. Last but not least, people that always feel bad to let you go for somewhere else hahaha :D

Percaya tak percaya. I wrote all of this "Different Types of People" on April 2015 and now is the right time for me to publish it. Why? Because I'm always busy with my family (busy sangat) Haha. Dan those kind of people i've met was when I'm working as a receptionist at a hotel after my SPM examination. Wow it's such a great experience to be working there. I've learnt a lot! And of course there was a lot of good people than the bad ones hahaha but yes those not-so-good people giving me a tough days and sometimes they made me feel like giving up but no, I ended it perfectly lol.

Share with me your working experience. I bet you guys have a more interesting stories to be shared. Drop your thought in the comment box thank you :) *sorry for the broken english but i've tried my best.

saya nak senyum dengan awak panjang-panjang :D


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