What I Learned In A Year!

Assalamualaikum everyyyyyone!

A year has passed! Congratulation 💪 It's my first job and I made it a year hihi being me is not easy but yeah it's not that bad? People may find my job is meh and everyone keeps questioning me like "what you doin?" "not quit yet meh?" "how bout other job?" "you love your job?" "you gave up already looking for new job?" and et cetera.

Me avoiding to answer these questions doesn't mean I don't have any problems at my working place. I do have my ups and downs here. But somehow it demotivated me when people asking me things like this. Like... why not respecting my choice and my job? I know people gonna look down on me, being a nobody in a small company, unlike others especially when my current job is not related at all with what I studied previously. 

But I believe people asking because they're concerned about me. Thank you 😊

Anyway... move on! I started this job exactly on this date a year ago hehe. Still fresh in my mind how nervous I was because I WAS LATE to work lol bad tudung day. Tudung putih pulak tu. That was very odd of me to wear white tudung 😓  I called my manager and told her I has arrived lol and she was confused af because 'who gave you my number, and what am I supposed to do, congratulate you for being late?' hahah no lah she was so nice and told me to join the orientation day upstairs. So when I reached the meeting room, there were few of other looking lost just like me waiting for the next instruction haha!

The first day and first week passes by just like that. The second and the rest should be kept as memories only because I'm sooooo lazy to write everything here haha. The memories like keep being blamed for mistakes and getting scolded by the superiors are among those memories that I don't keen to share lmao. But I was no longer a Covid-19 virgin when I got it during the first week I jaga booth drive thru for swab test haha. I think Allah just wanna give me a break, but let's make you suffer a bit something like that haha. 

I vividly remember I'm always on sick leaves because I don't feel like working. I hate being scared seeing people and getting judge by my seniors. Not until I met one of my senior I respect and love to be around with. She made me change my mind of wanting to resign every single time haha. She made me believes that there are still good people here. She taught me lotssss and never look down on me. Thank you Kak Hana 🙏💝

Many skills I've learnt. I got to learn on how to scan people's bladder, assisting specialists (Otorhinolaryngology, Gynaecologist, Urologist, Plastic Surgeon, Orthopaedic, Cardiologist, Neurologist), learnt a lot on people's concerned especially with ear, nose and throat related. Running EEG on patients with different group of ages. I've learned on doing paper work like submission of e-med to embassy of few countries. Communicate with people. Yes this one. The most important one haha. I've learned how to communicate properly especially in English with different breed of people. Rude? Sweet? Gentle? You named it! Haha.

But somehow one of my doctor said "Saiyidah you need to learn to communicate in English, look at me, I can talk in 3 languages, and that makes me have a great communication skills." and I was like... the heck? Haha I think he wrongly addressing the issue. It's not like I CANNOT communicate in English at all? Him saying 'learn to communicate in English' sounded a bit off to me? I swear to God I was about to burst into tears the moment he said that lol he dare to downgrade me that bad! Okay the problem with me is I'm lack of confidence to talk about EEG because I don't think I know a lot about it. That's why I always stuttered everytime answering his query! 

So people... the moral of the story is, learn and boost up your confidence so you can flex your communication skills! Kahkah!

Anyway back to the original post. One of the sweetest moment I had in a year working here is, there is one patient I met, she remembered my name. I don't know if she still remember me now but she is the sweetest. A 67 years old madam. I was surprised when she called my company just to ask about my well-being haha. I was on break when she called so my colleague answered the phone but she said she wanted to talk to me. 

As soon as I got back from the break, my colleague was like "Saiyidah, someone is looking for you. She wants to talk to you only so I don't know what it's all about". I was so nervous haha I thought I made mistakes and patient is mad mad mad. I dialed her number and talking as polite as I can haha. I was speechless when she greeted me with "Hi Saiyidah I've been trying to talk you but they said you're on break, poor you girl why you going to break so late?"

That. Was. So. Touching.

To be frank, I got upset stomach on that day. Been shaking and vomitting right before I got back from break. Probably due to gastritis. When I talked to that madam, my body was drenched with cold-sweat. I wasn't feeling well at all. But somehow she made me feel a little bit better based on how concerned she sound during our conversation. She advised me to have a proper meal 😢 I cannot avoid it as the schedule is not fix, it's just because of many things to do so I have to take a break a little bit late compared to other colleagues. 

Thanks to Madam Kwon, I hope you are always in the pink of health. Doing good at Australia and well-loved by your family members. 

I think that's all the few things I wanted to share with everyone about my job. I don't have many reasons to stay at this company, but so far I love working here. And if I ever get bored and feeling like changing to new environment, I would definitely update on this blog! Haha. Wish everyone can stand firm on your ground when you love something. Do not let others distract you and let you down. Be your own happiness and remember that you don't have to always tell people about your happiness 😉💖