What I Learned In A Year!

Assalamualaikum everyyyyyone! A year has passed! Congratulation 💪 It's my first job and I made it a year hihi being me is not easy but yeah it's not that bad? People may find my job is meh and everyone keeps questioning me like "what you doin?" "not quit yet meh?" "how bout other job?" "you love your job?" "you gave up already looking for new job?" and et cetera. Me avoiding to answer these questions doesn't mean I don't have any problems at my working place. I do have my ups and downs here. But somehow it demotivated me when people asking me things like this. Like... why not respecting my choice and my job? I know people gonna look down on me, being a nobody in a small company, unlike others especially when my current job is not related at all with what I studied previously.  But I believe people asking because they're concerned about me. Thank you 😊 Anyway... move on! I started this job exactly on this date a yea