9th of November 2020, Monday.

Assalamualaikum, hello everyone :)

Ah it has been a while since I posted something here. Nothing worth to be read, today I just feel like writing. To recap on what actually happened before, yes, I made it. I finished last semester very well. Thank you to all who have been supporting me all this while.

It took me months to actually recover from all the bad things and thoughts that passed by through my mind. And realized, after all, 2020 wasn't bad at all. Despite all the hardships that I've been through, I finally found the broken pieces and the peace it brought to me.

2020 isn't over yet, but I believe I can meet 2021 in one piece. InshaAllah.

So many things happened in 2020, I don't think I will be able to make it short here. But, okay let me try.

January 2020 - I was so short of money. I actually working part time few months before, but wasn't able to receive the pay before starting the new semester. And I don't really know how to describe this memory. But all I remember was, it sucks.

February 2020 - I'm struggling with my final year project. It was freaking hard though. I spent the whole days and nights in the laboratory. Working with my partner. Contaminated samples. Discard the samples. Repeat. All over again. And again.

March 2020 - Suddenly the pandemic season coming thru pfft I have to left all my projects in the laboratory and back to hometown. Almost gave up at that moment, because who knows if I have to redo everything again? Or maybe change the methodology parts? Ah I literally gave up, I remember I did.

April to June 2020 - I was doing just fine. Chilling with my family members all the time. Cooking and watching movies.

July to August 2020 - I finally resume my final year project. Working out with the spss thingy. I almost paid a professional and let she doing my work. But no, I'm not doing that. And so many things happened on July. I don't really like remember them.

September 2020 - I'm done with my final year project and also the super-long and hectic semester. I'm honestly very happy with my results. I got all As for all subjects! Including my final year project! I swear to god, I'm crying. Alhamdulillah Allah helps me a lot.

October 2020 - My tiny tiny heart can't help but keeps falling in love with a new formed kpop group, ENHYPEN. I know this is like obviously out of my normal life. I never stanned any kpop group before? Haha heLp they're so adorable how can I ignore them all. And to be honest, this small group and fandom makes me safe. I managed to escape from my bad behaviours due to them. Thank you. And shout out to all my filo moots, you guys are the best :(

November 2020 - New semester begin, I'm on my final year already. I need to work hard I really need to work hard this semester! I want to prove to everyone, I can do something for myself!

That's it. Can't wait for what December will bring to me! 


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